Peaceful Collaboration Leads to Successful Attack

Group photo for Earth Day 2010.

RFH Roots & Shoots celebrates Earth Day at our adopted park.

Since our Roots & Shoots group adopted Evergreen Park in 2010, we’ve been waging a peaceful battle on the invasive Armenian blackberry that dominates the park’s forest in order to make space for the crowded native plants that live there.

Last year on MLK Day, Kaiser Permanente office staff came out to help us with the effort against the blackberry.

Thank you for helping us with the forests of Evergreen Park!

Kaiser Permanente, the largest managed healthcare organization in the U.S. partners with Resources for Health, local grassroots nonprofit because they “believe that health begins where we live, work, and play.”

For MLK Day 2013, Kaiser teamed up again to remove blackberries as co-adopters of Evergreen Park. This time, we were joined by a local girl scout troupe and a charter school, too.

Jim Gersbach, a friend of Friends of Trees, another organization we frequently team up with, is the Senior Hospital Communications Consultant who will be leading his fellow staff in two service projects a year to enhance the Evergreen Park’s forested area.  Jim knows enough about trees to maybe one day help create an arboretum right at Evergreen Park!  We can dream….  Meanwhile, Scott Crowell at Hillsboro Parks & Rec suggested we do some native plantings at our next project to help crowd out the invasive species, like we did with SOLVE Green Team at Council Creek last year, continuing this year.

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Overall, the event was very successful. The forest floor and native plants that were completely sheathed in blackberry just hours before, were uncovered once more.

If you’re local and looking to get involved with Roots & Shoots, join us at at Evergreen Park, Council Creek, or one of the Friends of Trees plantings in Beaverton!

— Jacob, Roots & Shoots National Youth Leadership Council


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