ODFW: Stop the Water Exchange!

We need your help!
Nestlé Waters has been trying to build a water bottling facility on the Columbia River Gorge and bottle the water of Oxbow Springs since 2008. Right now, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) holds those water rights for a salmon hatchery. For Nestlé to bottle the water, ODFW would have to exchange the spring water with the town of Cascade Locks, and Nestlé would then buy the water from the town. At any time, the Governor could tell ODFW to pull out of the water exchange, or ODFW could stop it themselves.
Two years ago the Resources for Health Roots & Shoots group devised the H2Origami campaign, using origami made from natural and recycled materials to raise awareness about water issues and to advocate for clean and healthy waterways for people and wildlife.We sent and delivered thousands of pieces of origami folded by citizens at H2Origami outreach events asking the Governor to make the right decision and tell ODFW to stop the exchange. The only response we have gotten thus far is a statement that he will remain neutral on the issue.
Now, with Nestlé still trying to push its way into the gorge, our youth service-learning group based in Washington County has decided to take action.We’re asking people to send origami messages to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), with your message on one side, and the information that confirms that you’re a real person on the other.The more people sending origami, the more powerful the overall message will be. You can send origami too! The first thing you need to do is choose what kind of origami you want to send. To find origami wildlife, and cup instructions, just hover over the “H2Oigami” tab, and click on FOLD.

Next, on one side of the origami, write your first and last name, city, and zip code so ODFW can confirm that you’re a real person. On the other side, write:
“Please pull out of the water exchange that could allow Nestle to bottle Oregon’s water”
or your own words that convey the same message.

Last but not least, make sure your origami arrives to ODFW on Earth Day of 2013. Depending on where in Oregon you live, you should probably send it at the end of the week before Earth Day.
This year, Earth Day falls on Monday, April 22nd.

The department’s mailing address is 3406 Cherry Avenue Northeast, Salem, OR 97303.

If you are sending origami, please e-mail us at info@h2origami.org and let us know how much origami you sent.


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