July 13th at Evergreen Park: Recap

Last Saturday, we held another event in our ongoing effort (check out our previous events on May 12th and June 8th) at Evergreen Park, where we removed a large section of invasive blackberry, uncovering Snowberry and Elderberry that had been overtaken by it.  Elsewhere, we found that in areas where we had completely uprooted the blackberry in May and June, many native Elderberries have taken root!

At the event, we met with an individual with plant identification skills to help us get more familiar with what is currently doing well in the woods, and which species are best candidates for native re-vegetation efforts.

Once again, we had a large amount of community interest and thanks. One volunteer was very excited that she had found this project, because she had lived in a nearby apartment a few years ago, and never knew about the forest trails. Also, when we continued spreading the mulch later in the day, someone using the trails thanked us for the work we were doing on them.

This all being said, we would like to thank the Parks and Rec department of the City of Hillsboro again for all their support in this series of projects. The forest is already looking much different.

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We look forward to our future events at Evergreen Park, and hope that you’ll join us next time! If you would like to keep informed about upcoming volunteer projects at Evergreen Park, e-mail jacob@resourcesforhealth.org and let us know!


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