H2Origami for World Water Day!

Folding parties for World Water Day will take place on the weekend of March 21st.IMG_0283

H2Origami is an ongoing campaign that uses art (namely, origami) made from natural and recycled materials to raise awareness about water issues and to advocate for clean and healthy waterways for people and wildlife. You can be a part of H2Origami this World Water Day by hosting an origami folding party!  Just follow the H2Origami’s Action Plan in six simple steps:

LEARN about a water related cause or issue. Try searching the internet for: bottled water, fracking, water privatization, oil spills, drinking water access, invasive species, habitat destruction, plastic in the ocean, local waterway pollution, etc. Chose an issue you are passionate about, perhaps related to a local waterway near your home or school.
CONNECT with members of your community by hosting a folding party.
FOLD origami for your cause.
WRITE on your origami to convey you message.
SHARE your origami messages with your family, school, community, and/or political leaders. You might consider sending your origami messages with a letter to your local government, or create a origami display at your school or library.
IMPLEMENT change to reflect the cause you’re folding for, and encourage others to do the same!

Are you ready to fold for water this World Water Day? Check out our map of events to see if there’s a folding party near you! Are you interested in hosting your own folding party? Just fill out the simple application here!


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