RFH Roots & Shoots Update!

As a Roots & Shoots group, we focus on engaging youth to care for the environment, animals, and the community. As determined by our group members, each of our ongoing projects reflects one of those aspects:

On March 22nd, we completed the 2nd revegetation of Evergreen Park’s woods since we adopted it in 2010. We planted 50 Fir trees and 50 Alders in place of the invasive Himalayan Blackberry that dominates much of the woods.

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Animals:dog walking
Every week, members of our group volunteer to walk dogs at the OFOSA animal shelter in Aloha. About 8-10 rescued dogs get long walks to a nearby park within the 2 hours we are there.


Also on March 22nd, we celebrated both World Water Day and Dr. Jane Goodall’s 80th birthday with an H2Origami outreach party, and a reading of “Me…Jane” by Patrick McDonnell. We folded about 60 pieces of origami.

Interested in joining the fun? Meet us at our next project in the woods of Evergreen Park to celebrate this Earth Day or contact us at rootsnshoots@resourcesforhealth.org for information about the group! You can find more details about our upcoming projects on our events calendar.


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