Summer at Evergreen Park

Since our youth service-learning group adopted Evergreen Park for Arbor Day in 2010, we’ve been working in the woods improving the trail system, removing  invasive blackberry, re-vegetating areas with native plantings, and cleaning up litter. In summer 2013 we started scheduling park events more frequently and inviting other community members to join the fun and volunteer along with us. Now that we’re wrapping up our second summer of events, here’s a review of the incredible changes this season.

During our first event of the summer (June 28th), we cleared a large patch of blackberry at front end of the woods. By the end of the event, we had uncovered four struggling thimbleberries and found three different species of slugs!100_4786

For our second event (July 26th), the City of Hillsboro supplied us with a pile of wood chips to define the trail system of the woods. We continued defining the trails where we had left off in April. Mulching the trails helps distinguish them from off-trail areas, fill in uneven segments, and hold it’s shape through the rainy season.

For our third and final project of the season (August 23rd) 13 community volunteers teamed up with our group to help revive the woods. First, we spread a huge pile of wood chips onto the trails. Everyone worked so efficiently that the entire mulch pile was gone in the first 45 minutes!

After that, we moved deeper into the woods to remove blackberry. This group of volunteers showed their enthusiasm once again by working two blackberry hedges several yards back.

Check out the pictures from before and after the event!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to our volunteers, the definition of the trails and diversity of vegetation is looking better than ever! Thank you!

The woods has come a long way since our 2010 park adoption, but there’s still plenty more to do!  All are welcome to help during any of our monthly fall dates –  September 27th, October 11th, and November 8th.  Be sure to bring your family and tell your friends!

Interested in joining the fun this fall? Let us know! Send your questions and RSVPs to

We hope to see you there!



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