Awards and Recognitions

Regional Showcase at National Service Learning Conference

Pollution Solutions was selected for the regional showcase at the 2007 National Service Learning Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Dr. Jane Goodall was in attendance, and we had the opportunity to meet her.

Volunteer Service Award
The RFH Roots & Shoots group received a group President’s Volunteer Service Award gold honor for over 1,000 cumulative hours of volunteer service in 2008. RFH additionally awarded five individual bronze awards, two individual silver awards, and five individual gold awards to our volunteers.

Environmental Excellence Award
Pollution Solutions was selected for an Environmental Excellence Award from SeaWorld/Busch Gardens/Fujifilm. Through this award, we are now partnered with Conservation International to promote Pollution Solution’s goals.

Arizona Community Tree Council Award

Arizona Homegrown Solutions was one of 19 groups honored with the award by the Arizona Community Tree Council, Inc., and the Arizona State Land Department – Urban & Community Forestry for our “Planting for Peace” project, during which youth groups and volunteers planted 100 native mesquite trees in the Nuestro Barrio neighborhood.

Non-Profit Recycling Representative of The Year
The Arizona Recycling Coalition (AzRC) awarded Program Director Anne Goldfeld, on behalf of Resources for Health, the award of Non-Profit Recycling Representative of the Year for 2009.

Environmental Youth Awards

Five Resources for Health Roots & Shoots youth received regional President’s Environmental Youth Awards certificates for their leadership and participation in the Pollution Solutions Program. The program recognizes young people across America for projects which demonstrate their commitment to the environment.

Case Foundation Make it Your Own Awards
Pollution Solutions made the Top 100 semifinalist list in the Case Foundation Make It Your Own Awards out of about 5,000 applicants.

Arizona Governor’s Volunteer Service Awards
Both Annee (’04) and Jacob von Borg (’09) received Governor’s Volunteers Awards for their work with Resources for Health. Jacob for the Bear Hugs project, and Annee for administrative work.

 2008 – 2011
Roots & Shoots Exceptional Group Recognition
Starting in 2008, our Roots & Shoots youth group met the criteria for the annual “Exceptional Group Recognition” certificates. The certificates were giving out to groups who covered all three of the Roots & Shoots focus areas (animals, environment, and community) during their service-learning projects. Although Roots & Shoots stopped issuing the certificates in 2011, our group continued to serve these three focus areas until its dissolution in 2014.

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