Learn more about the campaign and how you can get involved at H2Origami.org!

Folding for Water Awareness and ActivismRFH Roots & Shoots with Dr. Jane Goodall at the Pacific Northwest R&S Summit
H2Origami is an ongoing campaign that uses art made from natural and recycled materials to raise awareness about water issues and to advocate for clean and healthy waterways for people and wildlife. It is designed so that anyone, any age, anyplace can participate. Everyone needs to care for water because water is essential for life!

The local H2Origami project was set in motion May 2011 when, following a viewing of the movie Tapped, RFH Roots & Shoots youth leaders learned of Nestlé’s plan to bottle water from the Gorge and sell it to consumers at a 1500% profit.  After hosting a guest talk to learn more about the issue from Food and Water Watch’s Julia DeGraw, group members began folding origami embellished with  water protection messages to ask Governor Kitzhaber to put a halt to Nestlé’s plan. The origami represents Gorge wildlife that would be negatively impacted by the bottling plant, as well as drinking cups signifying the importance and simplicity of taking back the tap by choosing 535315_309041272507493_1304121158_nreusable drinking vessels over plastic bottles. Read more about the efforts against Nestlé on the campaign website.

Current Efforts
As the efforts against Nestlé continue, H2Origami is actively involved in the campaign. To learn how you can get involved in these efforts, visit our campaign website.

Future Vision
Although ours is currently the only active H2Origami project, we hope that groups and individuals that are facing water issues  or trying to teach water conservation in their community will use the H2Oriagmi model to spread their message and make their voices heard. We are current working on translating the campaign into a curriculum format to bring H2Origami into schools. If you would like to receive updates about the H2Oriagmi Curriculum, please email us at info@h2origami.org.img_0283

Download the 5/14/12 Press Release: Mothers Against Nestle

Download the 4/9/12 Press Release: Happy Earth Day Governor Kitzhaber

Download the 3/22/12 press release: H2Origami – Local Youth Service-Learning Project Goes Global


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