Revive the Woods!

Reviving the Woods of Evergreen Park
Revive the Woods at Evergreen Park is a long-term project to restore the natural habitat and biodiversity of the wooded areas of Hillsboro’s Evergreen Park while simultaneously creating a safe and inviting environment for nature exploration and non-competitive physical activity in our vastly expanding world of electronic entertainment and industrial development.

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In 2010, the newly reformed Resources for Health Roots & Shoots group became the adopters of Evergreen Park for Arbor Day. Our early project as park adopters included park enhancement efforts such as planting flowers, removing litter, light park maintenance, filling roles in community events, and the occasional invasive blackberry removal in the woods.

In the summer of 2013, we decided to focus our efforts on the large wooded 7-volunteersarea, as it was least utilized, and in turn, least maintained segment of the park. As we shifted from park enhancement to woods restoration, we were given more independent leadership by the City of Hillsboro to coordinate and lead events at the park, and we also began to extend the participation from our group to community members, youth groups, and other groups and organizations.

At these events, we remove the invasive blackberry, define the trail system, remove litter, and re-vegetate the woods with native plants with the help of hundreds of volunteers. As a result of the work that has already been done, many native plants independently regrew in place of the blackberry we removed, our re-vegetation efforts took root and helped shade out the blackberry, and the trails are beginning to stand out from the surrounding foliage and debris.

Current Efforts
100_1569Resources for Health actively hosts one or more natural area restoration events at Evergreen Park each month to remove the invasive blackberry, define the trail system, remove litter and occasionally plant native vegetation. These events are hosted in partnership with the City of Hillsboro, which supplies the tools and gloves, and are often connected with SOLVE through their Project Oregon database.

If you are interested in joining our efforts in the woods of Evergreen Park, please visit our Events Calendar for a list of our upcoming projects, or email for more information. Hope to see you there!

Future Vision
Our future vision for the woods includes the construction of permanent trails, educational signage, nature play areas, and initiatives to encourage nature exploration from surrounding community. With the proper funding and collaborative efforts, we hope to reach these goals in the near future.After

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