Wheel Solutions

Wheel Solutions offers delivery by cycle of CSA farm shares and select farmers’ market items in the Hillsboro/Beaverton area!

“…a nutrition concierge for people because they are busy.”
– Moses, Resources for Health


loading farm shares at market


photo by Andrea Castillo/The Oregonian

“We’re sharing the joy.” –Debi, Dairy Creek Farm

Through partnerships connecting local farms with Hillsboro residents and residential communities, our green delivery service

  • supports healthy eating habits and mindful choices
  • increases access to locally grown food and sustainable products
  • fosters support for local farms and sustainable businesses
  • advocates for local bike/pedestrian friendly culture and infrastructure
  • improves air quality and reduces neighborhood street traffic

“We like fresh vegetables.” –Palladia resident 

v final shareIn 2012, our first 18-week season partnering with Dairy Creek Farm and Holland Residential Properties to offer Wheel Solutions delivery as a community amenity, we

  • connected over 750 residents with CSA farm share information
  • delivered more than 100 CSA farm shares by bike
  • replaced around 360 miles of car travel with pedal powered delivery
  • reduced carbon emissions by approximately 350 pounds*
  • educated the community about our work, including print and TV coverage

adding to the share boxes“How do you beat the convenience of them knocking on your door bringing you food?
It’s pretty nice.”   — Seneca Village resident

For 2013, we’ve added Azure Standard earth-friendly foods and products to our delivery options along with Dairy Creek Farm CSA farm shares, eggs and honey.  Hungry yet?

Holland Residential Community Amenity
Farmer to Door by Cycle
Azure Standard
New Partner Inquiry
(farm, business, residential community)


photo by Andrea Castillo/The Oregonian

“We’re living the future we envision for our children.  It’s just part of our whole life mission of focusing on resources for healthy food, healthy water, clean air.”
— Annee, Resources for Health

 * based on the EPA’s calculation of 19.4 pounds of carbon emissions per gallon and average gas mileage of 20 mpg

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