Future Vision

In our long-term vision, Wheel Solutions evolves into a delivery cyclists’ cooperative that pedals the way for local food system infrastructure and enhances the well-being of our  community by meeting these goals:

  • increasing affordable access to local food, especially for 11266458_826124040796568_907132309223000875_oseniors
  • providing sustainable income opportunities for youth
  • building inter-generational community connections
  • fostering support for local farmers and sustainable businesses
  • advocating for a cycle friendly culture and local bike/ped infrastructure
  • improving air quality by reducing the number of fossil-fuel powered vehicle trips
  • demonstrating carfree transportation as an efficient means to improved physical fitness and reduced carbon emissions

We envision Wheel Solutions as the hub connecting:

  • Youth who earn income through our cooperative of shared cycle trailers, cargo cycles, and delivery opportunities
  • Seniors and mobility impaired community members who receive deliveries at low or no cost
  • Local farms that grow the food delivered by Wheel Solutions cyclists
  • Community and business supporters including
    • Individual community members who join the delivery cyclists’ cooperative, make donations, or pay a reasonable price as delivery recipients
    • Sustainable businesses and nonprofits that have delivery needs and/or sponsor trailer panels

and creating these benefits:

  • Individual well-being
    • Increased access to local foods means increased food security and improved nutrition for both delivery recipients and cyclists
    • Increased physical activity means physical fitness for delivery cyclists
  • Community well-being
    • Generation and stimulation of local sustainable economy of scale
    • Advocacy for cycle/ped friendly community, culture, and infrastructure
    • Increased community awareness of carfree options and their benefits
    • Facilitation of positive inter-generational relationships
    • Reduced air pollution corresponding with the number of miles traveled by human powered in place of fossil fuel powered vehicles
  • Local food system infrastructure, development of which is
    • an integral component of meeting community food security needs
    • essential to improve access to local food and goods
    • required to address the issue of fossil fuel dependence
    • consistent with the goals of Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food (KYF2), a USDA-wide effort to carry out President Obama’s commitment to strengthening local and regional food systems.

How do I get involved?

Support Wheel Solutions by having us deliver your CSA share from farmer to door or or email us to get involved with strategic planning and implementation.

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